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Spectar Group is an Australian company with offices in Melbourne, Gurugram (India) and Moscow (Russia), founded in 2017. Spectar Group focuses on RPA, Test Automation, Learning Services, Data Centre and Cloud services. The clients’ list includes La Trobe  University, Honda, CUB, CSIRO, RACS, among many others.

The company is pursuing its mission to “Accelerate Digital Transformation” by focusing on RPA services. Spectar Group offers various RPA tools, including its Bot-on-Premise to automate repetitive, structured tasks, and Spectar Digit Assist, which can be hired on a pay-per-use basis and can help to perform functions of human resources, sales, procurement and customer acquisition across various industries. The Spectar’s team are active in RPA consulting services, offering readiness assessment, automation tool assessment, discovering automatable processes and training on RPA infrastructure.

Spectar Group is active in the testing automation space, partnering with Tricentis since early 2017. Spectar has developed accelerator packages for Tricentis Tosca Test Automation software, which are now available to all Tosca users. Besides RPA and Test Automation, Spectar provides Data Centre Services and Cloud Services, being a Microsoft Azure partner.

Having accumulated experience and knowledge in the field, Spectar is partnering with Microfocus on launching Spectar Learning Initiative intended for students and professionals interested in Cyber Security, Big Data, AI/ML, DevOps and Business Analytics.

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